BFT Testimonies 16.06.2011

"My name is Terry from Burbank, California. I recently installed a BFT operator for the first time, I found it necessary to call your technical support guys, namely Robert and Michael. They were able to answer all my questions and provide me with all the support I needed for this install. I would like to express how grateful I am to your technical support staff. I will be recommending a BFT operator to my future customers. Once again thank you."

Installer - California, USA

"I wanted to personally thank East Coast Gate Operators Inc for the great service and product we purchased from you. The BFT Phobos L BT UL dual gate opener we purchased is a great product and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great opener to purchase from you and your company. You were very helpful in making sure we purchased the right opener for our application. It's is refreshing as a business owner to have such a great experience with such an outstanding company. I have dealt with several gate opener companies in the past and was very disappointed with their customer service and tech support. You made sure that the openers were working properly after installation. Your outstanding customer service make not only us as installers happy but the clients we are installing for happy. We will be coming to you for any of our gate opener needs in the future.

Thank you for such a great experience

PL, Installer, North Carolina, USA

"Thanks Gary, Its great working with BFT, you guys are exceptional with customer support."

Installer - Tennessee, USA

"Thank you again for all the information and training the last couple of days. After getting a good nights rest, all the training seem to be coming off clearer. I have a good idea how to approach prospective customers in a one on one meeting...
...I wanted to drop you a line of appreciation for your effort in the training. Knowledge breeds confidence!
To Bright Futures Ahead

Distributor, Arizona, USA

"Thank you very much for having me last week for training. I am looking forward to installing the motors for some of the gates that my father has put up. your hospitality was incredible, and hopefully in the near future we can do the same in return in some way shape or form. I will be adding some pictures of your product in action once I install the first few motors. Once again, thanks for everything"

Gate fabricator, New York, USA

"Roberto thank you for your efforts in training me on the automation gate systems offered by BFT. It has been a real eye opener as to what I can offer to our customers. I came away with a knowledge of exactly what is offered and what to sell to a client. I now have a foundation as to which I can talk with a customer concerning your product. That is exactly the boost our company needed in promoting your line of products.
I just wanted to drop you a line to make sure you know that it was a very positive meeting with good training results. Thanks for all the materials I brought back too to go back over.

Distributor, Arizona, USA

"Thank you very much for taking the time to help me."

Home owner, USA

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